• We were told to stick our dog's nose in the "accident," say "no" and take them outside or to the pee pad.
  • Sticking his nose in it is CRUEL!!!! When a dog didn't deliberately misbehave and gets punished it breaks his spirit. When he has an accident take him to the "toilet." When he remembers not to pee on the carpet REWARD him and give him lots of praise. You've gotta be patient but it's worth it to have a pet that loves u.
  • I always would just pick the puppy and place on the pee pad and then watch him about a half hour after eating or drinking.
  • You can just say "no" in a stern voice and take him to the correct place to do it. This has to be done immediately after or else he won't really know what you're talking about. When he does do it in the correct place, praise him.
  • I remember the days when it was considered "proper training" to rub their nose in the mess. Then it was supposedly discovered that when you do that, the dog just thinks "Yeah, it's mine." I wipe up the accident using the pee pad so it smells like his own mess, and the poor puppy will get the message. Everything takes time, just be patient. Scolding it doesn't do any good unless you catch it in the act, say "NO" and pick it up and take it immediately to the pad where you want it to go. Praise it and hug it when it does go where it is expected to.
  • I think you'll be better off to take him outside more often and reward him when he goes outside
  • It's okay to mildly scold (imagine Paul Reiser from the "Mad About You" series catching the dog peeing and saying "Not so much" - that correction level is fine) and then take your dog to the mat or outside. As others have noted, a harsh correction with yelling and rubbing the nose in it is not helpful. If anything, this will teach the dog to hide the pee by sneaking to a spot where he can't be seen. Clean the area well - a spot peed (sp.?)on now has a "Pee Here" sign.(: Making up a schedule for eating and elimination can help. You can take the puppy outside and praise after the business is done. (Be careful not to take the puppy out and then bring her in as soon as she's done - that encourages her to hold it since play time/outside time ends once I go). Sounds like you're doing the right things and that your puppy will be housebroken soon.
  • I think scolding then slightly if you catchthem in the act might help. scolding hours after will only confuse them on why they are scolded and not help the situation at all. Their memories are very short term.

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