• you can decide to go after the their insurance agency with a lawyer. it happened to my grandmother. she was rear ended by a motorist with limited insurance. she needed rehab and the insurance wouldn't cover it. she dealt with a lawyer and she won her settlement. don't completely go thru with this as each state differs and handles uninsured drivers differently.
    • Mircat
      Just so you know winning a settlement in court doesnt guarantee you collect. The person may not have the money to pay or will pay for awhile and stop or just move and quit paying.
  • That depends on the coverage you have. Sometimes uninsured motorists are sued by your insurance and taken to court. In that case, sometimes their wages are garnished to pay your bills and stuff. Other times, the person is such a deadbeat (after all, they didn't have mandatory insurance), and nothing can be had from them. The best scenario is to have equal uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on YOUR policy. This ensures that if you are hit by someone without insurance, you will receive the same coverage you have for anyone else. It's relatively inexpensive and covers your butt.

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