• Because people like to be happy while they can. Wouldn't it suck if you didn't bother and were unhappy ever? It's better to be happy for a while than not be happy at all.
  • I don't run from joy now for fear of pain to come. Pain always comes. The goal is to enjoy the happiness and maximize it. Pain comes whether or not you run from it, and I'd hate to have minimized my happiness for such a futile flight.
  • Companionship with a lover for many many years helps us get through each day because we cant all do it alone.
  • By that logic, we are all going to die anyway so why not just kill ourselves now? It's always better to live in the now and appreciate what we have when we have it...that's how we can find happiness.
  • By that rationale why do anything at all? We all die. Live life while you have it.
  • It's the journey that we care about most, not the destination. I don't want to do this, but it fits...
  • well 60 awesome years is worth one bad year....
  • Life is about the search of finding something you like to do, and someone to share it with. Even 1 day is better than none. Thanks for the cheery Q. I'm going to hang myself from a ceiling fan now. LOL!
  • Why do we eat when we know that once we do the food is gone? Because it's good while it lasts. Same thing. We can't pass up the opportunity to have the greatest joy available to us because we're afraid of it's inevitable end. it's INEVITABLE. everything ENDS. we don't not listen to songs or watch movies because we know they'll end. We don't not go out at night because we know the morning will come. You enjoy what you can while you can and when it's over, it isn't like it's gone, it's just that it's not as there as it once was. The love is never gone, though the person might be. They're going to die anyway, whether or not you loved them. So you might as well love them and give them what pleasure you can while you have them.
  • Life Experiences, hon. To share life, love, and laughter with someone, and to have memories to cherish , go above and beyond death in all regards. Why would you want to die without knowing what living is all about? That is the whole reason God put us onto this earth, to live life to the fullest, and to enjoy what time we can, with our loved ones, and family.
  • I'd rather have decades of true love and perhaps a few months or years of what might be loneliness than decades of loneliness. For me there's also the chance that my wife and I will die in each other's arms in which case it's even more worthwhile.
  • Because its the journey...not the end result. Although I guess that doesn't apply to everything.
  • As Tennyson once said... "'tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."
  • Because it's the only game in town, anyway... But if you'd like a more optimistic answer...when the two of you have a child together, and you look into your baby's eyes for the first time and see the limitless potential of this new life, you may feel a bit differently...
  • My friend, it isn't always all about you - your true love will have spent the rest of their *entire life* with their true love, and what can be wrong with that?
  • We are basically "alone" anyway so why not spend the time you have on Earth enjoying it with someone fun and wonderful.
  • because if you are lucky (as I was) you will have a child who you will have to care for and protect, and who wll remind you always of your partner, sometimes good , sometime bad. but it is better than being alone
  • Because despite the gut wrenching pain when you lose that person, the time you spent together was more than worth it.
  • Humans are social creatures. We can't stand being alone and not interact with people. We enjoy the time we have together and enjoy the memories when they are gone. Plus, I know that we will be able to spend eternity together in heaven.
  • coz we can't live with them and we can't live without them sucks but that's how it goes!
  • It's better to love and lose than to never love at all.
  • If you plan things right you can both be on the plane that crashes and you go together.
  • It's the journey through life together that makes the voyage worthwhile. Yes, the voyage will come to an end but that never means it's better to stay home and never go anywhere, never try anything, never risk anything. You don't take chances and open up, you will be a complete loser and death can't come soon enough.
  • Why bother? For that time you DO have with your s/o.

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