• Two thing could be causing your problem. The heater core could be plugged so only a small amount of coolent flows through it. To check you could remove the heater hoses from the engine (when cold) and see how easily water from a garden hose can go through it. The other problem could be with the air temp door in the HVAC unit. To check this you would have to take the heater system apart. Just some thoughts..
  • when was the last time you had your coolant system flushed out?
  • My brother in law was having the same problem in his camaro. We flushed the system and it worked fine. I had a similar problem in an old chevy truck of mine. It turned out to be a weak waterpump.
  • i have the same problem with same truck but in addition to this problem a/c in summer works well when truck is driving underload as soon as i come to a stop it starts blowing outside temp air

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