• You can't really avoid it, unless you wear gloves with insulating properties... but you can reduce the discomfort -- when you think you are "charged" -- instead of touching the door knob with your finger tips, give it a quick slap with the palm of your hand first, that will discharge the static.
  • Wear a suit of armor. It will act as a Faraday shield and you will be protected. On a more PRACTICAL note, while yes, insulating gloves may do the job, it's a bit like cutting spending during a depression. If the current DOES make it through, it will be a very localized shock and your skin will be in contact with VERY hot plasma at the point of breakdown. I say, wear metalized gloves. That way, when the shock occurs, the current is spread over the entire surface of your hand, and your skin will not be in direct physical contact with ionized air - which is half of the source of the pain.
  • Sprinkle a little water on the carpet in front of the door every day. This will ground your charge.

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