• It's not a defect it's insulation and arguably could save your life. Unfortunately it's interrupting your electrical cycle and not allowing you to discharge your static buildup. Do you wear or walk on synthetic fibers? Humidity is also a factor. But I'd just suggest you touch a grounded item frequently to discharge your static before it builds up or try wearing cotton. Friction with synthetic fibers can cause static buildup. If you have synthetic carpet or furniture coverings that could be a factor and I don't remember the optimal humidity but somewhere around 50.
    • Iron Mask
      I walk on concrete most of the day. I get shocked when I cut the celluphane wrapping off of paletized boxes. You offered many helpful suggestions Ill look into. Thanks.
    • Linda Joy
      It's probably the plastic wrap. Here's a grounding heel strap. Not sure if it will work on concrete though:
  • i would hope not
    • Iron Mask
      No other shoe I've worn there has had this effect.

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