• many people will have a constant water change, but i would say depending on what you have, a week
  • You determine the stage of your biological filter by checking the ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels of the water. You do have some ammonia producing organism in it, correct? Cycle is a good product for speeding this process. For best results, do NOT put it in the water, but on your mechanical filter medium.
  • You can take a sample of water to the fish store and they will tell you the status of the water
  • Hello; It Takes about 6-weeks to cycle a saltwater tank. If the tank is empty it will not cycle --- the tank needs a biological load of some kind so the ammonia cycle will grow the necessary bacteria in all three stages to complete. Feed the tank daily with food or part of a shrimp if it is empty --- no fish etc. The live sand and rock will have the necessary bacteria to cycle the tank but it still takes time to build and stabilize the system. The live sand and rock needs to cure and there will be die off of the live rock even if the rock has not been out of water just due to the difference in lighting and water movement over the rock etc. Check ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels every couple of days and stop all feeding if the ammonia or nitrite levels climb. Nitrite level are not as toxic in a salt tank because the salt lessens the toxic effects. When the nitrate level starts to rise you are getting close. The tank is cycled when ammonia is 0 - nitrite is 0 -- with normal feeding. Nitrate is of little consequence and will be kept in control with weekly 5% water changes. OFM
  • you have to have test kits ammonia nitrite and nitrate, that is the only way to know, when ammonia and nitrite are at 0 and nitrate is at a very low reading or not readable then the tank is cycled, takes 6-8 weeks. you should be doing 25% once a week water changes.

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