• We actually do care about character and personality, but don't tell anyone. It's a secret.
  • I'm not speaking as a man, but I will say that the vast majority of men I know are actually really good guys. They may talk some stuff, but when it comes down to it they really do care about more than appearances and love their s/o or even potential s/o for who they are, not what they look like.
  • Yes to both. There's more than one way a man can look at a woman, and it's harder than you might think to remember that an attractive woman is also a complete human being, because the biological reaction arises very quickly, and often without awareness. But most men can also recognize that there's more than just that one dimension to a woman... and even when we don't, most of us are smart enough to keep our mouths shut about it. In any case, it's not an all-or-nothing proposition.
  • it depends on the way the woman presents herself. if she presents herself as easy that is how men are going to look at her. If she presents herself as classy she will be treated with more respect. At least in most cases.
  • Speaking from a womans point of view.It seems to me that woman today on tv and in real life make it pretty easy for men to look at us like we are a piece of meat, as a matter of fact most of the woman I see seem to want it that way. Of course I'm only judging this by what they wear or I should say by what they don't wear.
  • Real men in the real world see women as human beings who should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Men don't see women as "pieces of meat". If we don't know you, you're "sexual objects" If we DO know you, and we LIKE you, you're still sexual objects". We just respect you now. If we DON'T like you, you're no longer sexual objects. You're a b___h. ---
  • I believe there are both in this world. those who hink women are then theres those who do care.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with men in the real world. It's about how REAL MEN see women and the types of things they are looking for in a partner. Men are not the simple and sex-driven beasts that they are often depicted as. Especially in this day and age, when promiscuous and lecherous behaviour is generally frowned upon. They are quite capable of listening to and hearing their "primal instinct" - find woman, mate with woman, sow seed, etc - and also listening to and hearing their hearts and minds - I don't want to just "mate", I want a partner, I want to love someone, etc. If a man ever tells you that he can't help being the way he is (if he's a sexist pig or if he sleeps around or cheats), then he's feeding you a line and making excuses for his bad behaviour. Men are very capable of being physically and emotionally and mentally attracted to women. Any "guy" can go through life wanting to screw every 18 year old he sees, but it takes an actual adult male to love that woman and cherish her as a valuable human being. And of course, the same can be said for some women, too. Seeing other's as pieces of meat is not something that is solely a male trait.
  • I think there must be different hormonal levels in different men which this question depends on which man it is.
  • if they are looking for a real realtionship etc, then they care about the other person. If all they want is sex, then i guess its just a piece of meat
  • all men are different but once they fall in love they are all the same. There are a lot of really loving men out there. My dad is one of them. My brother too.
  • Im classic and like to accept by the heart. Don't women have a mind of their own too?
  • Not all men view women as nothing more than a piece of meat. Yes there are some men who have not matured to a point to get beyond that but there are alot of men who are mature enough to see women for what is inside as well as the outside. I don't look at women for what is outside. I take the time to get to know them for what is inside. Things like kindness how they treat others etc matter more to me than how physically attractive they are or how big their breasts or butts are.
  • There's both of those types out there.
  • Gentlemen see ladies as human beings. I can't speak for the meat folk.
  • I will speak for myself. I view women as equal to men and do not see women as a piece of meat. Character and personality mean a lot to me. The biggest problem is women who ACT like they are a piece of meat with the way they dress and their behavior. I am going to use a bad example. Take the show Rock of Love for those of you who have seen it. The women on that show act like a piece of meat and show no respect for themselves.
  • i respect her character is not a matter for me.3
  • Speaking as a man, I don't think the two are even close to mutually exclusive. On the one hand, I like women's bodies, but it's not like that stops me from liking and respect them intellectually. If someone's not mature enough to simultaneously be attracted to a woman and also respect her and the fact that she may not be attracted to him, then that sounds more like a personal issue of maturity than anything else. And frankly, I feel that men who feel so much shame about objectifying women's bodies that they treat their sex drives are tabboo, are only slightly more mature than men who are guilty of the inverse. In my experience, most reasonably mature men are capable of objectifying women's bodies, and also respecting the women themselves. Obviously there's a balance between those two aspects of personal relation, and some people from either gender can tip it too far in either way, but "Men the Real World" as a whole and as individuals, aren't either extreme: they're a balance.
  • Some of each, I'm sure. Apparently it is partly cultural, as well as individual differences.

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