• I am so happy without any children that I could not even imagine myself with a kid now.
  • I'd imagine this would turn into a down-the-lines discussion real fast. Parents saying being a parent is wonderful and those who have chosen not to do that saying they are happy with their choice. But maybe not, who knows.
  • Nope. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent and not every parent feels that kind of love.
  • Nope, I think their saving an average of 250k they can spend on themselves. Sounds like a pretty fair trade.
  • Was 36 when my daughter was born. Nothing wrong with the choice of being child free. I never tell anybody 'you should have a baby' just because I have one. It's a very personal, intimate decision only the parenting couple can make.
  • Bringing a child into this fucked up world is the cruelest act any human being could possibly do.
  • Having children is one of the greatest love that exist, they might be missing a lot, although not everybody is fit the be a parent.
  • I think that there IS a love which is different, more innate and deeper than any other, which a parent feels for a child. However, some people don't really feel the desire for that, and/or don't want the responsibility that goes with it. So sure, you can say it's missing out - but those of us who have kids are also missing out on some freedom and independence and other things in life that we lose by having children, which can be just as important.
  • I think that even some parents miss out on this love. And I think you can feel this love without them being your own biological children. I am a nanny to 4 wonderful, loving, smart, funny, percocious, ingenious, generous children. But their parents barely know them. Neither the mom or dad knows their favorite foods or games or books or outfits or little quirks. All these kids want is for their parents to pay the tinest bit of attention to them, but it seems like they will be waiting in vain. Probably until they are adults and their parents realize it is too late to get to know their children. So I guess what I am saying is that you can have children, and still COMPLETELY miss out on this wonderful love if you are too self-absorbed and oblivious to any but your own needs to recognize it.
  • I have a flock of nieces and nephews.I don't need my own!:)Besides,not all parent/child feelings are the same.I've known people to talk about their parents as if they're satan and others that are very close.
  • No of course they are not - they have no desire for kids and this is no better or worse than those that do. And, kids are not necessarily the greatest love at all - they are a different type of love from romantic love for a partner but not unlike the love a person feels towards a pet - they are so many different types and while they all fall under the same general meaning (as in 'love') they are all quite different from one another. It is like comparing and apple and and orange - you can't just like you cannot miss something you have never had and you certainly won't miss it if you never wanted it in the first place.
  • i can unserstand why people wouldn't want to have children but whenever i hear a woman say she doesn't want kids i always think, "Humm, that's odd...wonder why not."
  • No - not at all. Children do not guarantee a person a life time of love and happiness. The love for and from a child is not always greater than the love one may find in other people and things.
  • No experience is ever KNOWN prior to being experienced, so this shouldn't be used as influence or reason to promote parenthood. Some people are not meant to be parents, they don't want kids, they don't like kids, so they shouldn't have them. Would you encourage someone who doesn't like dogs to adopt a puppy? Not if you're smart, or care about the puppy. While I will say the love of a child is ONE of the greatest things the person can experience, it is also IMHO, THE most painful to loose. Parenthood is the toughest job you will have, there is no pay or compensation for your efforts, and you get no manual or tutorial to help you along way. Even after dedicating 120% of yourself, your child may become sick & die, or be killed in an accident, overdose on drugs, become teen pregnancy statistic, etc. It is also an obligation that lasts at least 18 years, legally, in most states, longer in others. Being CBC may mean the lack of opportunity to share the love of a child, but who knows how many different opportunities it does afford?
  • I think thats one of the main reasons we are put on this earth. What better gift than giving life.
  • Call me selfish, but I'm not sure if I want kids. I'm far too narcissistic and have too many psychological issues to deal with having children.
  • If their choice is to be childfree, then they chose to miss out on all the fun and love a child brings to a family. It's their perogative. I couldn't imagine my life without my daughter.
  • Maybe you should consider that some people don't feel the way you do about having children.
  • yes i do.
  • I'm one of those who chose not to have children. I think having children is wonderful for people who truly want children, and most people who have them don't fall into that category, or many of them at least. I think that people who have children equally miss out on having a unique, loving relationship with just their spouse that they can never imagine unless they experienced it, with no children, no other human kind of separation or division. People choose how they want it and make the best of it. No one can have all kinds of love.
  • I think a lot of people who are parents are missing out on getting to know their children by refusing to answer their questions. Parents who show off their children are not my kind of people. I prefer the adults who don't have any children to those kinds of people. Parents who use their children as a way of getting their dreams accomplished aren't my favourite kind of people, either. I'm not sure if you know the type, but I'm talking about, say, the kind of parents who wanted to become something, but didn't, so they try to make their children become what they wanted to become.
  • there's two sides to every story & not everyone was meant to be a parent nor should we pass judgment on them.
  • No, I'm childfree and I don't regret it one bit. I do believe there are some childfree women available out there for me, though it might be tough. I'm also a firm believer that nobody should have children at all, ever.
  • No. Everybody's entitled to their opinion. Concerning everything.
  • Yes. Being a parent stretches you and makes you grow in ways you can never imagine until you are there. It forces you to become less selfish, more loving, more enduring, more creative. It makes you more than you ever were before. It makes you stronger, deeper, broader. It makes you ponder questions you never considered before. It makes you question and examine everything you thought you believed. It makes you willing to fight and struggle to the death for the life of another human being. It makes you love more than you ever knew you could. And you get loved in return, if you do it right.
  • I helped my sister raise her three kids. Sure there were days I did and didn't like it. But as for me being a parent? Huh? I'm not "Even handed" enough to stay with one course of action. Anyway, with my luck I would have had a wife and 4-8 little girls and frankly that would just kill me..I'd go broke getting them married!

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