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  • The key is having a fun-loving partner that you share all your moments with. growing old, gracefully, really doesn't hurt. its a state of mind. you just roll with punches. try to be the same person you were at age eighteen. not possible? maybe not, but staying young, thinking young, will keep you young. if you dress old, you will think old. keep your mind sharp. bingo is an excellent mind preserver. take care of your body. exercise, exercise, exercise! keeping the blood flowing throughout your body is a major factor in feeling good and staying young and healthy. Its your body, its your mind. if you keep these two in tiptop shape, everything else will fall into place. sure, growing older hurts, but it doesn't have to. its how you deal and approach aging that makes the difference between the young and not so young. laughter and smiling helps, too!! have tons of fun.........its good for your heart.
  • Well, think about..everybody wants to live long but nobody wants to get old. So appreciate everyday you live, it is an honor to have the opportunity to age. Accept your age and wrinkles and your matured mind. Because you cannot change it! Accept it and like yourself. And you will have a happy life!!
  • With a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye!
  • If you are a woman, you age gracefully by remaining young at heart and simply smiling when people ask you your age.
  • Wear a smile as part of your daily attire. Think positively. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy food and take vitamins. Read extensively. Spend time with young people and invest in their success. Stay active in social and civic affairs. Pace yourself. Laugh at life and at yourself. Don't indulge in a moment of self-pity. Get up; get dressed; and go out every day. Accept your limitations, but stretch yourself to your fullest potential. Cultivate friendships with even older folks - and folks of all ages. Stay interested and interesting. Never get bitter. Get better.
  • It means you look younger than your actual age.A person has to take care of themselves get enough rest ,stop partying every weekend and try to leave stress out of your life.

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