• by helping people if they need help
  • Have good intentions, that's for sure. lol
  • I would verbalise my sympathy for them. Another way to show I care is donating money every now and again to a charity. I am the type of person that likes to be there for somebody who needs a friend to talk to and to show empathy and understanding.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you like to show empathy and understanding to Christians as well, or do you just call them delusional and dismiss their ideas as nonsense?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I can show empathy and understanding to anyone who is able to give it in return. Any type of relationship is supposed to be mutual. That includes anyone at all. I dismiss any religious talk because it doesn’t make sense since it’s all bull$hit and that religious people never provide any physical evidence in their claims. What they say is nonsense which I dismiss. I never dismiss someone’s feelings.
  • This has as many answers as there are people. I show that I care by paying attention and listening to people. Once I get an idea of their value system I can give them what matters to them. Saving up $100 and spending it on a millionaire is probably not something they would value as much as someone in great need of a cash infusion. Some people value your time and attention much more than money or gifts. Sometimes people recognize caring more profoundly in the form of service. They think you love them because you do things for them. And there is truth to that. If you are struggling with loving someone do stuff for them. It will help your love for them grow. Some people only see affection in touching and caressing, or hugs.

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