• That is a very sad sign of our times. My boyfriend loves and plays XB360 all the time but will usually only go on the headset when he's playing a game with his friends for this very reason. Would probably be best if you did the same. I've also heard stories of all kinds of crazies on there who you'd do well to avoid!
  • Unfortunately, online venues are rife with cowardly jerks who belive that their relative anonymity makes it okay to publicly BE a cowardly jerk. This is true for the species of cowardly jerk known as the "racist" as well. I agree, it's sad that people have to stoop so low and that they are that ignorant and bigoted. But it's been true for as long as the internet has been open to the public at large.
  • Even reading the "N" word in your paragraph makes me uncomfortable.......Although I know you're making a point.
  • Just a bunch of kids that were never taught manners or respect from their parents.. Usually reflects their parents' attitudes & beliefs
  • That just shows you the mentality of some people. Not everyone thinks like that, I certainly don't. Xbox live needs to clean up their site, they shouldn't be allowing it.
  • I dont think in terms of racism. EXPECIALLY WHEN ONLINE! It is nearly imposible to tell is someone is of a different race over the internet (unless their name is racist in general) I am an active gamer and play people from all over the world. When I play online, it is an equal battlefeild where noone has a distinct advantage or dissadvantage. I pay NO attention to whether a person is black, white, mexican, aisan, indian, or russian. A person can act however they want, and if they are stupid enough to insult a person over the internet without even knowing them they are just reflecting on the universial racism that reverberates throughout the world of ignorence.

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