• go back to your doctor
    • DancesWithWolves
      You know what Miss Pearl is a fine woman now apologize to her and stop being a smart brat
  • it's seemed you have seasonable depression disorder.
  • Sounds like allergies to me. If the air is dry or you are taking allergy medicine which drys you out, try drinking more water. Do you live in an area that does yearly spraying for something about this time? Perhaps you have a sensitivity. If you live in an agriculture area, Is it harvest time for a particular product? We are invaded by stink bugs during this season as are many people, perhaps you are sensitive to them or another bug. Whatever it is, you have determined that it is seasonal. Start there: Have an allergy doctor give you an allergy test for different things he suggests. I had that done years ago due to persistant allergies. I was suprised to learn was allergic to everything he tested me for except cats. I received a weekly treatment and it really helped. Eat local honey...something else to do for allergies. It will help you become immune to any allergies you may have to local natural irritants.
    • Molden Molt
      Thank you so very much. Your answer has certainly confirmed a couple of things for me.
  • I agree with percussion. Sounds like it started out as allergies that turned into bronchitis and then maybe a lung infection. Eye twitching is caused by stress. She's also right about local honey. I'd recommend natural antibiotics. The bugs don't become resistant to them, like taking prescription antibiotics. This would include ACV, honey, onion, cabbage, garlic, oil of oregano, colloidal silver, and many more. Just google natural antibiotics to find more. A humidifier can also help. But its best to find out what your allergens are and avoid them.
    • Molden Molt
      Thank you for your answer. I wouldn't say that my eye twitches on its own. It's just that whenever I have one of these coughing spells, it can sometimes get really red, water, and feel like it's irritated. It's always the right eye, too.
  • Sounds like Allergies, Pollen, Sinus condition
  • So, has wearing a face mask helped this year?

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