• parakeet needs no gravel.just give it a piece of wood to chew on.
  • Yes it is for digestion...................don't give it the bird will die.
  • I like you new name. You can offer it but parakeets don't really need it. Hookbills digest their food in their crop not their stomachs. It will probably just make more of a mess for you to clean.
  • They need a minuscule amount of grit. It's for helping grind the food in their crop. It aids digestion for some things, like seeds. But if you feed your bird pellets, it doesn't need it. If your bird has access to the bottom of his cage, sprinkle maybe 1 teaspoon of grit each cage cleaning. If it can't get to the bottom of it's cage then have a separate dish but only put about 1 tablespoon or less in their. They really use very little it it, just a few grains. In fact, if a budgie uses too much, it can cause some trouble. But offer it as needed unless you go to an all pellet diet:-)
  • theres pros and cons about gravel.i have a box of this and my 2 budgies ignore it,i heard that its really of no good to a budgie,it swells up in their going to throw the gravel out.

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