• Ok thats a start. I would say most of the shows on the disney channel dont have any good influence on your kids, but than again tv itself dosnt have a good influencs on you kids. Instead of ploping tham in front of that idiot box why dont you read a bok with them or play a few board games. I know its impossable to spent every moment with your kids, but try to get them intrested in other things besides tv
  • It's just a TV show. If they are disrespectful, it's probably not the show that made them that way; the adults in their lives also had a hand in it.
  • Disney and TV for children in general is harmful.
  • Nope, but I no longer have school-aged children. I am however grateful that my parents never banned Looney Toons from me when I was a kid. I have never once tried to push anyone off of a cliff (Roadrunner), shoot off guns (Yosemite Sam), or hunt wabbits (Elmer Fudd).
  • inn not a parent but ive never seen that show

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