• The cheaper chinese products carry their current continuancy through the arcs in each bulb. Try taking a bulb from another strand that you know is good and going down each socket with it. It is easier this way than trying to use a meter. If you already have, you probably got two or more shot from a hard drop or strike. Go two or three at a time like this, for they will likely be near each other.
  • We have a pre lit tree too, and sections of it would not lit. But we found out what caused it. If you look around the brances that are not lit, see if you can find one bolbholder that has a white round thing by the socket of the bolb, it's easy to spot. Take that bolb out and the section should be lit again. You need to keep the base of the bolb, but change the bolb itself and insert it back in the holder.
  • How do you replace the bulb with the white ring around the base and what type?

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