• I have the same job in NYC and I make 50-75K. I don't have a car so I don't know how that factors in. What constitutes part time?
  • I would sign up for one of the salary survey web sites... they're worth the money when you're talking about a decision that could affect your income for years to come. Here's one of many available by googling "salary survey":
  • Don't be greedy and don't be shy. Ask for whatever you feel is fair for you to do your job. You know about it best. Whats reasonable to you? You could tell me a million dollars and if thats what you honestly think you should be paid thats what I honestly think you should ask for.
  • Can you go to (or some other job site) and find your job for comparison?
  • $65,000 is $31.25/hour based upon 40 hours per week. $60,000 is $28.84 Unless you have several years of experience and are at King & Spalding, Alston & Bird, Paul Hastings,Powell Goldstein, Troutman Sanders or another large Atlanta firm, then you're not going to get $65K per year. I know even only the very seasoned legal secretaries make that at POGO. Adjust accordingly, and figure out the per hour wage, and then multiply that by how many hours per week you will be working. The large firms usually pay per hour anyway, and then pay overtime.
  • i would just be thankful i had the job and let them pay me whatever they want

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