• Is it possible that a cat is living under your house? You might want to check on that.
  • You could have some wild animal that has made a home somewhere in the attic, basement or walls of your house. If the smell is everywhere it is likley it involves the heating/cooling system. Just a thought.
  • Thanks,good answer,but there isnt a chance of that
  • why is your name cat eyes?
  • So, what was sitting outside on your porch and you just brought it inside? Maybe it was only out there for a moment unattended. A bag of groceries? Laundry basket? Newspaper? It doesn't take much. A tiny bit of cat piss can stink up an entire house. Or, do you have other animals? A feret or a goat come to mind as some reeking pets.
  • LOL Just a name I was given years ago,has nothing to do with the question.People say my eyes look like cats.:) This is really bothering me because I have never had this smell before till today,just wonder what it could be.Hope you can help.
  • uh... a house smelling like cat piss without a cat is the most famous sign of meth a' brewin', I'd check what the other members of your family, count their teeth and ask them if there have been shadows following them.(seriously)
  • There must have been a spillage of some liquid, coffee with sugar, for eg., on the area where there was cat urine years and years before. It has been activated. Good luck!
  • Did any of your neighbors just put mulch (red?) down? Our next-door neighbor did, and for 2-3 days, it smelled like cat urine, until the mulch was spread and dried out. (Where I used to work, they used a cow manure infused mulch, and everywhere around where they put it, it smelled like a cow farm for about a week. ;-P) Certain types of plants and flowers have a cat-urine smell. There are a number of them listed in this forum: . This one mentions boxwoods: . There may be more. Do you have any around your home? Are there cats running around your neighborhood? We had an outdoor cat, and we had visits from other cats, possums, raccoons, etc. They may ALL have used our mulch in front as a litter box. You could have the same problem. (In these cases, if you have your windows open, you may get the smell.) Is this a new house? (Have you recently moved in?) One thing my father said (he's a landlord) and I've heard, is that if anyone had a meth lab in any of the rooms, or any surrounding rooms, that room usually has to be completely stripped and rebuilt. No only is the lab dangerous because so much is explosive, but that smell is quite dangerous, too, and permeates EVERYTHING. If it's a new house to you, it's quite possible the previous owners had cats. If floors aren't sealed, then the smell can come through. Is the smell stronger in certain areas of the house? Maybe even a certain spot or two in certain rooms? If so, the carpet may have been peed on by a cat (prior owner), and it dried. If the carpet got wet, it could release the odor. I hope it's not one of the latter, and hope it goes away relatively quickly.
  • Check for a leaky sink drain. I had that exact problem and I had to take my kitchen drain apart, clean the pieces, and glue them together like I should have done when I installed it.
  • It could be mold. It has many odors. Check bathroom tile or air vents may be dirty and change filters.
  • Skunk , Rats , Gas Leaks all have weird smells .... pine sol all floors , open all windows to air out home .. and if you don't feed or throw foods outside the critter will soon be gone ..

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