• If you are speaking of overall greatness in general, then I would say it is a component of it. I think there are some individuals that are measured by the greatness in a particular area such as sports, acting, musical talent, business talent and so on.
  • No I think that gets swept under the rug when reviewing a persons "greatness" look at Movie celebrities, Presidents, Athlets, ...hardly ever are morality isssues used to judge them.
  • If you want my personal opinion, I measure how nice a person is by their character. Someone once said, "It's not what you do, it's why you do it." This quote definitely fits here. I think morality definitely fits into it.... to an extent. Self-righteous morality isn't really true morality to begin with, though. True humbleness is. The world seems to focus on what you have and whether you're well-known or not and what your talents are. If you want to go in the direction of the world, that is how to measure greatness. If you want to measure how nice a person is, you need to take a more subtle, humble approach. :)
  • I think that is a big part of it.
  • Wow - interesting question. "Morality" is a slippery and subjective term though. Simply look at one's actions. Who does the greatest good with the greatest kindness - THAT is a great person...
  • I would call it integrity rather than morality. Standards of moral behavior change over time, but integrity is forever. Perhaps this is a matter of semantics. By integrity, I mean being true to one's values regardless of the cost; standing up to corruption, discrimination and oppression; recognizing that the rights of others are just as important as your own rights and acting on that. For me, integrity is the measure of greatness.
  • I would say its ONE of the gauges.
  • I think greatness can be measured by the standards given to him/her. It really is all relative. What one may think is great another will think it pathetic.

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