• No it's not against the law.
  • There's probably is some hellhole where it's against local 'laws'
  • not that i know of
  • Probably not but who knows all local laws are different. I would knit throws and give those away in winter. Or take them to homeless shelters or soup kitchens and give them away there . Knitting clothing is not a good idea since you dont know sizes and the homeless do not have access to laundry facilities or suitcases.
    • Linda Joy
      What? Knitted clothing stretches more than most fabrics, and hats and socks are what they need most. And I don't know where you live that homeless are blocked from laundry facilities and banned from owning suitcases, but I'd leave as fast as I could if that was the case here!
  • it's not against the law but many may not accept it
  • I'm not so sure there is no law. I read of a man in FL who was arrested for feeding homeless people. Geesh now there are laws against compassion.
    • Linda Joy
      That has to do with sanitation and Health department codes, not compassion.
  • it will be very kin d of you to do that ..and nope its not against the law to be kind
  • As far as I know, that's not against the law anywhere in the U.S. However: one should be aware that in any city of any size there are one or more places where homeless people can get free clothing. Consider donating your clothing to such a place.
  • No. But you can also donate them to homeless shelters and I've crocheted hats for donation at the Children's Hospital as well.
  • No...nor anyone else. That is to say: you can give anyone long as they are willing to accept them.
  • No. It’s not a crime to show that you care for the homeless by making clothes for them. That is a thoughtful thing to do for them. Some homeless people may not accept clothes and others will accept clothes. You should get to know the person first. Talk to them and if they seem nice then you can offer them clothes. Let the homeless person measure the clothing first before they try putting it on in case you give them clothes that don’t fit properly.

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