• I would guess yes, but can not prove this as I have no legal education.
  • I think if you do this while committing a crime, such as robbery, it would be murder. Guns do not have to loaded to be charged with armed robbery. It is the implied threat.
  • You are still responsible, because, if not for your action, he would not have had the heart attack. You take your victim as you find him, bad heart and all. I don't think you would be charged with murder, unless that was your intent, but there are plenty of other things you can legally be charged with.
  • What do you mean by responsible? It is not murder, so you won't be held criminally liable for the death. However, you can be sued civilly. You would have a tough time making out a negligence case here, but an assault case would be easy.
  • I don't know about 'legally' responsible, but I think you would be. Who would DO that?!
  • As I understand it, sticking a gun in someone's face - whether or not it is loaded - is Assault With a Deadly Weapon. If the victim dies as a result of being assaulted, you are liable... it'd be a hard case to prosecute, but I think they'd probably win at least a manslaughter case, if not more.
  • You can be found guilty of homicide (negligent) just by not calling an Ambulance. Sticking a gun in somebodys face if this causes a heart attack of course you are responsible . Various places different crime titles Assault with a deadly weapon Reckless endangerment Reckless Homicide Manslaughter.

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