• Try the forums on RC Universe, you will find a lot of information and like minded r/cers there.
  • Sorry to hear that Jennifer....sounds like the link below from previous answer will take care of your question
  • Find a local club. They are great for getting you involved and you can be invited to go to a fly in or a practice session. They can tell you where people fly them and if someone would mentor you. My husband and I are into R/C models, both planes and boats and it's a fun group of people to meet. Also, you could try making contacts at a model/toy store that specializes in R/C.
  • I used to fly a lot, now I just don't have time so I bought the Great Planes Real Flight. No mess to clean up and the days are always just right.
  • I've always wanted to be a pilot also, but I really dont know how you become a pilot
  • Just to reinforce what was said above. Go to a local club*; you can find contact info on the inet, local hobby shop, etc. Visit the club before you buy anything! They will help you select decent starting equipment, and may have some good used kit available. They can help with lessons too, which are mandatory. * In my experience most clubs will help, but some are for pros only and don't want to be bothered with beginners. You may have to shop around a bit for a club. Anyway, don't try it on your own; without advice and lessons or you will waste a lot of time and money.
  • Not sure what they are called over there but there are hobby and model shops you can go to and buy starter kits that you have to assemble the plane together or you can but one alresdy made up and ready to go for a little bit extra and you can talk to the staff about local RC clubs or supply shops Or google RC planes
  • Heya i am 17 years old and i have been very intrersted with rc planes by a parkzone plane there good for beginners
  • Heya Sorry my last answer was very bad lol If i were you i would purchase a Parkzone J-3 Cub It is a high wing plane which means that it is very stable and it is also very slow allowing a long response time all these are ideal for a beginner Below is a website where people who are into RC planes talk about there purchases Check it out All the best Will
  • i started with reading up on rc magazines when you build a rc model it is very important to get the balance right you could start off with a little balsa chuck glider so as to learn your tecnique and airodynamics if it breaks it won`t be very expensive but don`t rush in head first as that could be a disaster alway`s take your time on a build good luck
  • ALthough you will have a great time with the models (i have spent some time with trains lately, realisee that you might spend the same money learning to fly the real thing. Checkout the rate for an intro flight at your local airport!
  • ask someone thats done it
  • Try a RC boat ( won't crash as easy)
  • Try a RC boat ( won't crash as easy)

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