• I would hope the female would have the common sense to get the "stay away notice" removed before marrying the man.
  • By "stay away notice" I am assuming you mean a restraining order. The order prevents you from being within a certain proximity from her, so you are the only one that can violate the order.
  • The purpose of the restraining order is to protect the woman. If she feels comforrtable enough to marry the man against whom she has the order, it pretty much becomes voided. The question is, why would a woman marry someone she once needed legal protection from?
  • By "stay away notice" I do mean restraining order. But for some reason the court is calling it a stay away. For the record I am not the female doing the stupid deed of marrying him. I just wasn't sure on what this all would do to her stay away notice. Yes she is stupid for marrying someone she felt she needed to be protected from but does she need to get it lifted or does she continue to hang it over his head? Can he get into trouble if say (being on probation)the police come by and search his home and she is there also? Does that make sense?
  • He violated the Order. Get it removed.

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