• No, you can add me to that list.
  • No - me, neither. We should start a club - the Anime Animosity Alliance, LOL. Slogan > Anime = Anomaly!!
  • May I ask why? Please don't make the mistake of lumping things into "Anime." There may be things you like and things you don't like. Just as how you may not like everything in the "Action" genre, but you may like a few.
  • I haven't either and like you I also have no desire to do so.
  • I'm with you!
  • I think people who don't watch anime outnumber those who do But curiously, why would you add this app if you're not intrested in anime?
  • Maybe when I was 5, but I can't believe ppl my age watch it. I mean look around you, there's a whole world out there with so much to experience.
  • I have watched anime (mainly when I was younger), but I don't really watch much tv period anymore. I watch a little tv while I eat sometimes, but that's about it. I remember that I used to love watching Speed Racer and Superbook.
  • I didn't even know how to pronounce it propery until a week ago. I haven't watched television since 1984 and I kept seeing it mentioned on here and asked my girlfriend what anime was. I pronounced it wrong and she thought it was quite funny. I've never watched it either and am with you as far as having no desire to do so.
  • I've watched it on occasion but not as a choice. I just don't find any interest in it.
  • Other than some of the classics when I was young (esp. Speed Racer) and some episodes of something my college roommate liked (this was the mid-1980s), I have never been interested in anime. The culture of it is a complete mystery to me. . . .
  • &gt;>Raises hand and waves furiously<<
  • No but yes in this anime section lol.
  • I'm with you. It doesn't hold any interest for me, either.
  • I know plenty of people who hate it. I don't think my wife will ever watch any with me willingly but I like some anime.
  • These days, i think you're part dying breed! Ive gotta say ever since i started anime, i cant stop watching it!! much better than regular cartoons (i think)...i like coming home from school watching a bit of anime, or reading a book and just relax!
  • im a regular on international irc chat and they say "anime is asian's stuff" therefore i presume more asians would watch anime and others would be like, minding their own business?
  • No...I don't know about you but anime is like my TV for me (I don't watch TV, instead I watch anime)...I usually only ever watch Japanese or Chinese shows, and since I find dramas boring, anime is the only thing. BTW, I come from a Chinese-Japanese background, just in case you're wondering.
  • When cartoons turned "action/adventure" circa G.I. Joe it was the most ridiculous turn of events possible....then came anime to go even farther from being even remotely entertaining. I guess it's a way for socially unaccepted geeks to still feel like they're in the comfort of fellow sheep by joining the anime clique. Whatever floats your boat. At least it's better than kiddieporn. *shrug*
  • No, you're not. My sons both love anime, and the only times I've seen it are when they were here. It didn't do anything for me, so I don't really care about it.
  • i guess people who haventand wont watch it will just try to bash it i love anime its way better then the ones here in the united states i mean there so stupid at times they just arent even funny i mean be for real they try to force u to laugh at something that doesnt even make no sense while on the other hand the hand anime they actually have make u laugh smile and sad and atimes they even get u mad. so if u have no desire to watch just leave the anime them alone continue watching watching what ur watching and i will so happily continue watching what i love to watch.
  • never seen it. don't have any desire to. doesn't sound interesting
  • No, you are not. I've never watched it. I never will. I have no desire to. I don't know much about it except that it looks really stupid. I don't get why it's so popular.
  • Who or What is it?
  • Nah. There's plenty of people who aren't interested in it.
  • lol why ask this question on an anime app/anime section if your using answerbag?
  • well....i love anime, im not afraid to admit, im also not afraid to that im a socially accepted geek same goes for my friends. :) so much for borderlinux's theory lol :P

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