• i have heard befor not to put thoses kinds of fish together even if thay are male and female they are a mean fish. that is why you cant put them with other fish.
  • With Betas it's male and male you can't put together. Males will fight each other. The male and female should be just fine together.
  • I agree. I find betta's fun fish to learn about and keep as pets.I have a book here which mentions that a male and female CAN be put together. Some male betta's have a better personality than others and don't mind a female swimming around even if he isn't interested. (A male not interested, Yeah, right!!LOL!) MArj is right on track when she mentioned that a betta can be with other kinds of fish, just not their own kind. I have had a male betta (which lived 4 years)in with my other fish without a problem. Check out Abe Books online...they have great books about all sorts of things for a dollar(plus s/h). Have fun! :0)
  • Yes, a male beta will kill a female. When the female gets vertical stripes along her body she has eggs in her. She and the male need to be placed in an aquarium with nothing in it but water. No aeration equipment. Placing the female inside a glass container with the top open and above water. I used to use a kerosene lamp chimney. With the male in the main tank and he can see the female he will start making a nest of bubbles that float on the surface. He will make thousands of bubbles. When he is finished making his nest carefully lift the chimney out of the tank not disturbing the bubble nest. The male will then attack the female wrapping his body around the female squeezing the eggs out of the her. he then catches the eggs in his mouth and depositing them one each in a bubble. When the female is dry of eggs she has to be removed without disturbing the eggs inside the bubbles. If the female is not removed he will kill her. She may die anyway as the male will have pretty well torn her up getting eggs. The male then works keeping the eggs in the bubble. When a bubble pops he will catch the egg and put it in another bubble. In a few days the eggs hatch and the fry will start swimming around in the tank. The male has to be removed at this time or he will eat the fry. As the fry grow they will need to be separated or they will attack and kill each other.

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