• You can't. You just give him that space he wants and go have a life of your own without him. After all he has no interest in being with you if just once a week is too much for him. In all honesty I think he's trying to break up with you in the coward's way with this "I need my space" B.S. I'd consider it over and just forget him.
  • I see this was written in December are u still wanting answers?? Are u still around??
  • If you're still around, and listening, I think that you know in the back of your head- even though you don't want to know--that you're getting the bums rap from your man. From your writing it seems that you do and do and do for this man you love and he doesn't even notice. Maybe he doesn't even care. Just takes from you- because it's easy- and he gets obvious benefits. But it's really hateful and cruel of him as well. If he sees you but once a week and tells you he needs space- then he's a coward who isn't telling you the truth. Using you. He doesn't want to be with you. A person who wants to be with you wants to spend his free time with you. AS much as he can. Just like you do with him. It's terribly difficult and terribly painful a scenario you've described- one that has been universally felt I do believe. The nature of unrequited love doesn't make sense to me. Why would god do it to us? This intense pain, the intense love you feel for someone who doesn't or can't give it back? He sounds like a turd.
  • ex-gf wanted a break too. i gave her the break and then caught her in bed with some dude a week later. now i'm scarred for life. basically, it's just not a good situation.
  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm dating a girl that I cannont bare to be without. I'm constantly up until 4A.M at her house or my house when i have work at 7. When I know I should go to bed or leave her house I never want to because I enjoy so much to be lying with her and hanging out with her. She feels the same. So when shes working or when I'm working im always thinking about her. So I think the moral of the story is find someone that wants to be with you always. I hate so much when guys or girls are in a relationship and always say they need time or a day to themselves. Why do people need time to themselves or "space" when they have a partner that they should be sharing there space or time with. Is working not enough time away from your partner. I don't know. But I say find someone who wants to and enjoys being with you. He obviously doesn't.
  • I wonder if he has a girlfriend and he's cheating on her with you... Am I crazy?
  • ask him to call you when hes done having his space
  • Sorry but if your man loved you he would not want some space between you and him. That frequently means he needs that space in order to see someone else.

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