• Is the horse fed and cared for? This could be a temporary thing, perhaps you could try...minding your own business until the horse is actually in bad shape?
  • do you know if it is a thoroughbred? if so you can offer to buy sounded as if you know a thing or two about horses.don't get sad,if the authorities didn't do anything,then the horse is ok.
  • While he is gone between crack and dark o'clock, go over and lengthen the rope.
  • I would call the ASPCA AGAIN...and also try contacting the local police or sheriff's dept. If you can get so... You can also go see the neighbor and tell him that you have a relative who was interested in buying the horse...that is LIE your ass an attempt to have him take you back (to protect you from the dogs) hell, take a friend with you if you can...this way you get an up close look at the horse...if you can get a photo without putting yourself in physical harms it. Then take your photo or yourself if no photo...and go see the LOCAL ASPCA officer and/or police... It would be illegal (I believe) to keep a horse tied this way 24/ is abuse and it is dangerous as the horse could fall and hang its self. If he has a history of starving horses...also write your local district attorney and let them KNOW both the situation and that there has been NO response from the local agencies who are supposed to deal with and protect animals in such a situation.
  • If the horse is suffering no pain and is in good health, has food and water, it's no biggie.
  • In what condition is the horse in? Is it in bad shape? Can the horse still walk around even though it's tied up? Is it being fed? If not, you should call them again.
  • stop trying to take control of other people's decisions, unless you want others to start telling you what to do. I'd unplug your internet, first thing. Then you might change your mood.
  • if the local animal cruelty people can't or won't help you indeed go to the local paper with pictures and give them the story ..or the local radio station or local t.v. station might like to help you out I would get a group of people and knock on this so and so's door and ask him why he is doing this and see what Mr Wonderful has to say for him self and just tell him he has been reported to the authorities and see what he does ...or just go and get the horse and take it down to the animal shelter...yeah he has dogs so get somw steak and feed them while you do it ...if that don't work get some big male mates to go over and teach the scum a lesson

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