• You will sometimes hear a grinding sound with the brakes on in the morning on a cold day. The brake pads basically freeze up and need a few minutes to get to operating temp. This should last at most 5 minutes though. If you are still experiencing it, and everytime you apply the brakes, then chances are your pads need to be checked. If nothing looks obviously wrong to the mechanic, ask him to scuff them for you. If he doesn't understand, skip that step. It would help if you could isolate the wheel the sound is coming from, but I know that's hard to do. Something that just came to me rereading the question is when you jack up the car you obviously raise everything up. If something is in fact dragging, you are simply fixing the problem when you check it, the lowering it back down after the check. Get my drift? Check it while it's in driving position. Let it be known that I doubt this is the problem since you say it only occurs on brake application, but it never hurts to check.
  • Sounds like the wear indicators on your brakes, you want to get them repaired if that is what it is before it starts wearing on the discs or drums
  • You've worn the friction pads off your brake pads. Get them replaced fast or else you will also need new discs. You've got metal to metal contact.
  • You probably need new brake pads. They need to do more than just look under it, they need to take off the wheels. Caution, I would go to a good mechanic, not a brake shop. Break shops are in the busiess of selling brakes. If you need a good independent mechanic you might to to , the website for Nation Public Radio's Cartalk.
  • Brake pads.
  • I concur you probably need new brake pads.

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