• Did you try an ice pack?
  • Mike Richards, DVM sez: You do have to take this problem seriously. Usually this happens because the bulbous glands of the penis have managed to engorge outside of the prepuce, which makes it difficult, or impossible, for the penis to retract. This can lead to problems if the situation isn't corrected. Often, we have to anesthetize the dog, lubricate the penis and sheath well and then use traction sutures to move the prepuce back up and over the penis. Sometimes it is even necessary to surgically widen the preputial opening. We try to avoid doing this, if at all possible, though. If the opening is too wide, the tip of the penis may stay extended and this appears to be pretty irritating to it. This is important enough to try to find an emergency veterinary care facility if you can not contact your usual veterinarian .
  • Hope and peace has it! Use an old wash cloth, (you don't want to add frost burn to it). Either put the ice (and some water) into a zip lock bag then place the (kinda thin) old wash cloth between the dog's penis and the ice bag, or you can just wrap up the ice in the cloth if you don't have access to a zip lock. Place the ice pack over the area...while rubbing the dog's head and neck to keep him calm and as relaxed as possible. THE DOG, ideally, should be LAYING DOWN, belly up. Leave the ice on for about 15 to 20 minutes then remove it for about 10 to 15 minutes...then if the swelling isn't yet down, apply it again for 15 to 20 minutes...if it's not reduced within the next 5 hours, call the Vet and ask if they have additional suggestions. It's not normally life threatening, although assuredly he is not 100% comfortable right now; he should be fine very soon.
  • This happened to my mom's dog a few months ago. She took him to the vet and they had to anesthetize him. The vet said this was a pretty rare occurance in dogs.
  • take him to the vet!!!!!!
  • This has happened to my dog twice, you must take him to the vet if the bulbous glands are exposed. My dog was drooling, unable to sit, and very bloated right after this occurred. The first time it happened I waited for a couple of hours and when we reached the emergency vet he told us that if we had waited 15-20 minutes longer he would have had to remove some of the penis tissue from my dog due to the blood flow cutting off. So my advice is: TAKE THE DOG TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY
  • My dog just had this last night. He is a 1 y.o. pug. It worried me a lot! Usually if he gets hot and bothered, his "peepers" looks light pink and lubed. I thought that it was about an hour or so and it was still out there, but more red like a red potato and very dry - very unusual. I called my dad and we laughed for a while, but I knew that this was hardly normal and was very concerned. We went through many ideas, some funny and I came up with this, if you can (not sure if you could do this for a large dog. My med. book mentioned for a similar problem, you would want to use a muzzle as dogs bite when they are in pain or scared. Yes my dog was scared, but he did not bite. Be very calm. I had a sink w/some warm water ready, a old washcloth, dog shampoo and a cup filled with mostly water and the shampoo. I brought my baby over and wet the area w/warm water. Then I let the cloth sit on the area, then I gently rubbed the area around it gently. I just made sure the area was real clean and rinsed. Then I fully rinsed the area w/warm water again and a cloth free of shampoo. I also let him run around the bathroom w/the door closed so he could loosen up and not be so afraid. Then, I used cool water on the cloth and held it there like a compress for a little while. After I wrapped him in a dry towel and held it down there for a minute, I used A LITTLE! baby oil with gauze and just held it on his peepers for a minute. By then it had already retracted and it was a done deal. I think because he was "fooling around" with his stuffed animal earlier, it got really dry down there and also there was lint. I imagine it got so dry it could not roll back in place. I would definitely go to the doctor if this doesn't work, but if your dog is not howling or yelping or agitated, I might try what I did. Good luck and I hope this helps!!!
  • Take the damn pack of Viagra away from him

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