• I am assuming that you are referring to the point in the original game where you are returned to traverse town to get a new navigational piece for the gummi ship, which is found on that moon mural in the area below Merlon's crib. Make sure you talk to Kairi and get the oathkeeper keychain and get the item from the moon mural and take that to Cid who is in front of the door that leads into the 2 discrict. If you still can't find him, he is right outside of the synthesis second floor door. Talk to him and he will hook you up and upgrade the ship for you. Now, that you have that done, there should be a new path to Hollow Bastion available. I believe that it is on the left side of the map, and I believe that it wraps around the map to the other side of hollow bastion, so check it out, and watch out in that next dogfight!

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