• No one here could possibly have any idea of what her intentions are. The only for you to know that is to make contact with her and let her tell you. If you think you can handle it, give her a call. If she burned you too badly, tell her to keep her distance.
  • If you are over her then you did the right thing.
  • ive been in this situation myself years ago and he did want me back so i gave him another chance. now im going through it all again. only you can decide what to do because you know how you feel. good luck :0) she might have had the time she needed to sort out what she wanted and realised that she misses you etc but make sure you know what she does want before making any decisions.
  • cut a long story short, she ended it 4 months ago, we went separate way, after 2 months we started talking again, got back together and had a one night stand, a week after that i could hack it, she wanted to be on her own but needed me in her life she would say, so i told her i cannot do this, leave me alone, so she did, month and half down line, shes texts me asking if im ready to talk again. told her no im happy and for her to leave me alone, she replies,fair enuff, im glad your happy. to be honest i duno what i want now, i stopped thinking about her but ever since she text me my head has been all over, ' what did she want' i wont get in touch with her as im afraid of rejection again and think if she wants me back she knows where i am. sorry for babbling on, sometimes its best to get it off your chest. thanks you all for your advice .
  • If she really wants you back she needs to tuck tail and make an honest effort to show you that she really is interested. Hold on to your heart awhile before trusting her with it again if y'all work it out. Lastly, any communication should be totally crystal clear, so there is no misunderstandings and both of your expectations can be heard and realized. A little hard to get would be well worth the effort.
  • look dude this ho just wants to have you on the back burner...ya know like her back up option when she's bored and feels she has nuthin better to do than hang out with you. tell her you're busy and not lonely unlike her and that if she wants to suck your dick by all means go ahead, just make it clear to her that you will NOT be returning the favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she will get off on the bad boy attitide and no longer associate you to the nice 'unchallenging, walk over wuss bag' that had her falling out of love with you in the first place.
  • emotions are playing part!That's natural and envietable !! Make some amendments with your mind if you want to roll back.If you fail again it will be less painful!!
  • The girl is bored. She is just like my ex, a little bastard he was. He texted me after 8 months asking to hang out and saying he misses me and cant find a girl like me. That my friend is a line of bull. so if she uses it on you, dont take it! Best wishes, Dakota
  • She may have found that the grass was not greener on the other side and is regretting her decision to break up with you.
  • Sounds like repetative behavior. If this were the first time she was trying to pull you back I would say go for it. But it sounds like you would be in for more of the same over and over and over again.
  • The only way you'll know is to see her. It sounds like the not knowing is what's causing more harm than good at this point. Setting up a time to listen (note: you do the listening, she does the talking) and then taking some time to think about it might be the best way to either start fresh with her or to be able let it go.
  • Well the grass wasnt greener on the other side...its up to you...if you actually really love and want her then persue...otherwise get on with your life...
  • thats up to you if you want to take her back, sounds like she wants you back

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