• 15 months? - oh a year is all. It may be too early to discuss marriage. Its ok for you to bring up the subject sound him out, figure out if he is old fashioned about the notion of lots and lots of courting before the marriage or not. It may not have even crossed his mind that you would consider him husband material. Since I do not know how he talks about the future I can not tell you where he is at in his mind. You need to ask him, not us, how things are going and what are your chances of being married to him.
  • just talk to him about it sometimes so he gets the idea that u r planning on gettin married w/ him
  • Did something in his past turn him off to marriage with anyone? I'd question that first. My ex broke up with me explaining that he couldn't see himself married to me. We were together three years. Now I just shake my head and say to myself, "Why did I waste my time?" So I can honestly tell you that, if marriage is what you want and he can't/won't give it to you... don't waste your time. Sorry.
  • Finding the new person is not always the solution. The fact that the brother is talking about the future should give you an idea that he loves you and is willing to spend the rest of his life with you. 15 months is not enough to can decide the big step of getting married and moving in together, for sure you dont want to get married today and divorce next month rite?
  • Babe. Why are you pre-occupying yourself guessing what you think he may or may not want? Why dont you ask him. His answer will at least allow you to make an informed decision about your life. Secondly, why do you need to be married? Social conditioning? percieved security? Becuase you are deeply in love with him? If its the latter then why get married at all? it wont affect the love you have for one another. Id live by your own rules babe - you will be so much happier than if you tick boxes in your head. You dont get a gold clock on your death bed for conforming to what you have been taught is normal and therefore right. id chill out aboiut the whole thing, he clearly sees a future for you both, isnt that enough? if not, ask yourself why
  • I'm sorry but in this day and age if you have been exclusively dating and, um, sleeping together for over a year without him asking you to move in, then he likes things just the way they are and is unlikely to change them, unless you two are so bad at communicating real feelings that he is being like this 'for your sake'. Have you told him you want more? You need to confront him, sweetly (so he's brave enough to be honest) about what he feels the pair of you might be doing in six months time. If his visions don't involve the housekeeping arrangements getting any closer then its safe to assume you are both looking for different things out of life.
  • you dont leave ur partner of 15 yearz this easly... why dnt u talk to him first?? tell him how u feel n whatz on ur mind n c wht he'll say then decide?? r u 100% ur that by leavin u'll find urself a husbend!!!
  • Give him a chance to explain just what he sees as the future and when certain things are going to happen before breaking it off. It could be that both of you are looking for different things in a relationship.
  • Have a heart to heart. Maybe he is all for a lifetime together just not married. Sounds to me as if the two of you may have about a year and a half as an item but your communication is still in the 6 month stage. Start talking about what each of you ultimately want for your goals and see how close they match. If you don't agree and marriage is a must then you need to tell him and let him know you will be looking elsewhere. Good luck!
  • thats up to you if you want to leave him

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