• Shouldn't doctors recognize drug seeking behavior, and would you sue this doctor if it was a member of your family, who died as a result of prescriptions written by this doctor?
  • i dont think i would sue the doctor because as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink...I understand where you are coming from but if this obvious drug seeker/user was as bad as this, they would have got the drugs on the street anyway, like all drug users do. Its a difficult one im afraid
  • I am on Xanax prescribed by my doctor in WA state, a General Practitioner. Then many years later I go to a new Doctor in CA where I moved, and he is able to prescribe my Xanax to me as well, neither one are Psy's....interesting. Maybe WA and CA don't have a state law prohibiting a general practitioner prescribing this to a patient. Curious. I just told him my previous doctor had me on them (not a Psyc either, and they faxed my record to the new doctor after my relocation from Wa and he prescribed me the same dosage .5MG 60/month Thanks Adam

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