• Only if he has conversations with those cement animals.
  • We have neighbors who have everything all over their back yard, including a trailer full of seasonal decorations and an old pickup truck. They also have 2 dogs in a pen, and the guy drives around the block repeatedly on his lawnmower.
  • oh yeah. the old paranoid guy? we got one in our neighbourhood too, wonder if he's ever heard of real pets... :S
  • As a landscaper of ten years, I have had wonderful glorious dreams of a cement yard when I finally get a real job, no comment for the statues though :)
  • lucky you, i have a neighbor who drinks so much beer at the end of the month, (she is on ssi cause of bad health from smoking and drinking)she fills her big van with all the beer cans that she keeps in clear plastic bags commercial size. we dont drink. when she gets drunk she falls all over her yard and talks to herself calling everyone filthy names.

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