• Before I finished reading your question I thought "anxiety attack", usually something psychologically induced, try to make a list of all the things in life that trouble you and do what you can to shorten that list as much as possible, kind of a new age approach, but more productive than breathing into a paper bag LOL.
  • Shortness of breath is a possible indication of an anxiety (panic) attack. It's usually accompanied by a tightness in the chest. It often has all of the symptoms of a heart attack. Throat closing up is usually due to a severe allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor, it could be life threatening.
  • In my opinion Yes. I have anxiety attacks myself and I know how you feel. Sometimes at that moment you dont even feel stressed. I dont have them on a regular basis so I dont seek any medical help and YES it feels alot like a heart attack not that I ever had one. The worst one I ever had I actually thought I WAS going to die. I recomment just trying to relax and think about breathing as normal as possible when this occurs and try to have someone by your side.

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