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  • Yes. Yes yes yes. Wearing a condom does no good if you don't manage to get the condom out without spilling semen inside your partner. You might as well have not used it.
  • a women is more fertile right before her menstruation and right after her menstruation i would be worried if i were you. if there is any contact with her vagi gi and your semen she could get pregnant.
  • I wouldn't worry to much. But worry some. When I got pg. it was a week after my cycle and I was ovulating. The normal time for a women to get preg. is 7-10 after her cyle. But keep in mind not everyone is the same. A good way to tell is if ur lady friends pussy has a slimy slick feeln to it. Not the normal wet from being aroused and it stays slick feeln for several days thats one sign that she's ovulating and she could get preg. So avoid those days. But not everyone shows signs. Good luck to ya

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