• Financial windfall??? He, a man with NO music business background, was given a job in the A&R department of Geffin Records (during a time when Danny Goldberg, a close personal friend of Courtney Love's was heading Geffin). For people that don't know, the A&R department handles the scouting, the schmoozing, and the signing of bands. FURTHERMORE, when Courtney Love decided to put her Lake Washington home up for sale, she had a VERY expensive makeover done to the house. The contractor hired to do the job was Michael "Cali" DeWitt's father. Does this classify as "Financial Windfall"? I happen to think it does.
  • All I know is that Courtney couldnt have done it herself because she was in a hospital in LA at the time. They should have checked her phone bill or something.
  • Courny was somewhere in LA and couldn't have done it herself. She probably planned that as an alaby so it is quite possible.
  • i dont know anything about a financial windfall for dewitt, however the circumstances surrounding kurts death are fishy... at the time of death kurt had enough heroin in his system to only give him about 30 seconds to a minute before he died. he then put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger with his toe. however, this doesnt explain how the syringe got cleaned and put away. someone else had to have been there.
  • I'm not going to go into great detail, but I do whole-heartedly believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered by a man (or men) hired by Courtney Love-Cobain. Weeks preceding his death, Courtney admittedly "worked" with Detective Terry of the SPD on busting a known drug dealer. The fact that Courtney got her drugs from the same small group of select dealers, not including the aforementioned alleged dealer. Detective Terry was also found murdered shortly after Kurt's body was discovered. 1.52 mg/l would incapacitate even the heaviest of heroin addicts in seconds. With this in mind, the cleaned hypodermic needle, which was placed neatly back in it's original casing is virtually inexplicable. The shotgun used in Kurt's death was purchased WHILE he was STILL in rehab. Kurt had no prior knowledge of operating, and correctly executing a clean shot out of any firearm. This means that he would've had to been shown how to load, fire and handle the weapon. Yet, there were NO LEGIBLE FINGERPRINTS on the weapon. 4 sets of fragmented prints were lifted from the weapon.. nearly 1 WHOLE MONTH after his death. Too many inconsistencies make this case fall to pieces in my eyes. Investigate for yourself! I was 7 years old at the time of his death and I cried for a week. Now at 21 years old, there is no doubt in my mind that this case should be re-opened, and investigated properly by persons completely unrelated to the original investigation. Basically, anyone out of reach from Courtney's diabolical schemes would do just fine. The nanny still refuses to take a lie detector test.
  • Sarah, while you write well and I agree with you on some points you should check your facts. 1) You are spot on that the amount of heroine in Kurt's system would have incapacitated him which does not match the crime scene. 2) You are incorrect about when the shotgun was purchased. The receipt from Stan's Gun Shop in Seattle is dated 3/30/94. This was the day before he left for rehab in California. Also you are flat out wrong about Kurt's knowledge of firearms. He was a firearms enthusiast and owned several of them which were confiscated by the Seattle PD when Courtney told them Kurt was suicidal previously that year (a charge he denied). They included several semi-automatic handguns and a Colt Ar-15. These all have similar operating systems to the Remington 20 ga used to kill Kurt and he would have had no problem using that particular weapon. While you write well and I agree with you on some points you should check your facts. As for the nanny I think he was involved but was not skilled enough to be the perpetrator.
  • i think one major point that really needs to dropped in the investigation of this case is the heroin issue. Contrary to what some here have said as well some doctors, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of heroin the body can handle. Tolerance is different for everyone. Kurt had enough money to do alot of dope on a regular basis. Tolerance also DOES NOT drop too much with significant periods of abstinance. Also, the toxicology reports mention "blood morphine levels" Heroin lasts in the human body for about 3 minutes, before the body turns it into morphine, which is why nearly all toxicology reports for heroin overdoses use the term morphine as opposed to heroin. A measurement of blood morphine levels suggest that he was indeed alive for at least 3 minutes after shooting up. Had he been killed from the high dosage instantly, his toxicology report would have read much the way Brad Renfro's did...a combination of BOTH heroin and morphine in the system, meaning his body had only metabolised part of the heroin as morphine before his heart stopped beating. Also, the mgs/liter of morphine argument holds NO weight. Just search it on the internet....I still think Dewitt had something to do with it..
  • oh lord! the logical fallacies involved with the "courtney accusers" would never hold up in a real court. Sure we can use all the ad hominem or ad feminam attacks to point fingers, but attacks on characters do not hold. One claims that just because courtney busted a dealer that she used is "unexuseable" fails to recognize that she was able to idenify the dealer because she knew the dealer (a trick most cops use to get one dealer to turn on another...people she is an insider she knows)! Another report fails to understand that maybe the heroin to body ratio studied is unrepresentative (facts! facts! just wait til evolution is proved wrong (and i don't hold creationism as a truth you mindless fucks) just cause someone says it is so, does not mean it is so)...anyway...all of which (i.e the above arguments)are arguable in the court of law. Some wonder why courtney has never been busted (i.e. is she OJ?), the answer follows as this: NOTHING PROVES OTHERWISE....sorry someone you never met (KURT) killed himself...but your arguments interest me, so do continue... i love a game of chess (and if you write "how dare you disrespect my martyr", i'll throw jesus christ at you while I eat my cheese and drink my wine all to myself) sincelery ass to the max HAHAHAHAHAH
  • Michael "Cali" DeWitt was the murder of Kurt. It is so simple then if you think he got all access to the house. Is not so important to have financial proof that we know now would be very hidden but knowing that he now works at Geffen and if you read the liner notes on" From the muddy banks of the wishkah" you find his Sh**ty name. How we can beat his ass up? Now WE KNOW HE IS THE MURDER!
  • YES I DO THINK THAT MICHAEL DEWITT KILLED KURT BECAUSE I PERSONALY THINK THAT COURTNEY HAD AN AFFAIR WITH MICHAEL AND KURT FOUND OUT AND DID NOT SAY ANYTHING IN PUBLIC BECAUSE HE DID NOT WANT TO HUMILIAT HER AND IN THE SONG YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHT (I THINK IT MEANS THAT EVERY TIME HER AND KURT ARGUED THAT SHE ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE WAS RIGHT AND KURT COULDN'T WIN ) AND IN THE LYRICS OF THE SONG HE SAYS IM SO WARM AND CALM INSIDE I NO LONGER HAVE TO HIDE , HERE ARE THE LYRICS I would never bother you I would never promise to I will never follow you I will never bother you Never say a word again I will crawl away for good I will move away from here You won't be afraid of fear No thought was put into this I always knew it would come to this Things have never been so swell I have never felt failed to fail Pain... (x3) You know you're right (x3) I´m so warm and calm inside I no longer have to hide Let's talk about someone else Steaming, soon begins to melt [nothing else is right!!!!] Nothin' really bothers her She just wants to love herself I will move away from here You won't be afraid of fear No thought was put into this I always knew it'll come to this Things have never been so swell I have never felt so well Pain... (x5) You know you're right (x17) Pain... YES THE NANNY DID IT !!!! AND HE HAS ACCESS TO ALL FINACIAL PROOF AND THE HOUSE AND HE IS A MAN OBVIOUSLY HE CAN HANDLE A SHOTGUN BLAST , COURTNEY WOULD OF DONE SOME HEROIN WITH KURT THEN HE CAME IN AND HELD HIM DOWN AND PUT MORE NEEDLES INTO KURT MADE HIM OVERDOSE THE SHOOT HIM IN THE MOUTH AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HE COMITED SUICIDE
  • THE CRIME SCENE Why was the ejected shell of the shotgun found to the left and not the right of the body? This one is extremely important. More important than the heroin in my opinion. Why were standard tests not performed such as a GSR kit, analysis of the contents of the root beer can, (read the reports the can was found with liquid in it but logged into evidence as empty) fingerprinting of the greenhouse, etc. Were any trajectory tests done to show what the position of the shotgun was when it was fired? If not why weren't they done? Were any measurements taken to see if it was even possible for him to shoot the gun? If not why weren't the done? The picture of him with the toy gun is just that a toy gun this shot gun was much longer and Kurt wasn't a big guy. Why did Sgt. Cameron lie to Tom Grant about Kurt being barricaded in the greenhouse and that the little 'stool was wedged up against the door'? Why were items logged into evidence in the case turned back over to Courtney before the case was even 30 days old? STRANGE BEHAVIOUR Why did Courtney pretend to be Kurt's mother when calling in the missing person's report to the SPD on April 4th? Why didn't Courtney tell Grant and the SPD that Kurt had been seen at their home on April 2nd? Why was Grant told to watch a drug dealers house and check hotels for Kurt, but not told that Dewitt had seen him at the house? Why did Dylan not show Grant the greenhouse when Rosemary Carroll is recorded as telling Grant that she heard Courtney tell Dylan to look in the Greenhouse. Why did Rosemary Carroll think Kurt's death was suspicious? Why did she tell Grant about the divorce and the will? Why is she now silent? Why did Courtney release that cropped image of Kurt with the toy gun, shortly after his death? Why didn't Eldon Hoke (El Duce) come forward sooner? "Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your altar." - Why doesn't anyone ever question this part of the note? Why did it take 2 years for Sgt. Cameron to say that a rookie must have made a mistake in the police reports about "the marks on Kurt's hands" ? Why hasn't Courtney sued Tom Grant for his claims, but yet sues everyone else on a spin of a dime? Where was Pat Smear during the week of April 1st - April 8th? Why didn't Nikolas Hartshorne the coroner, disclaim and deny the 1.52 mgs of heroin that was found in Kurt's body at the time of death after he has done numerous interviews (VH1 Confidential)? Why did Rosemary Carroll, Kurt and Courtney's entertainment attorney, tell Tom Grant that "Kurt was not suicidal"? Why did Rosemary Carroll tell Tom Grant that the note left by Michael "Cali" DeWitt sounded phony? Why did Rosemary Carroll tell Tom Grant that Courtney had "no business in Los Angeles"? If all of Kurt and Courtney's friends knew that he was suicidal, why didn't they keep an eye on him? If Dylan Carlson knew Kurt was suicidal, why did he buy the gun for Kurt? When Courtney found out that Kurt fled rehab, why did she contact a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR and not the POLICE first? Why didn't Courtney go back to Seattle to help locate and maybe save her "suicidal husband"? Why didn't Courtney call all their friends and family up in Seattle and organize a massive search party the minute Kurt fled the rehab and headed back to Seattle? Why did Rosemary Carroll back off Grant after he replied to the letter he received from her firm threatening to sue him? Did he strike a chord or something? Why did Courtney want to keep Grant on the pay roll and get him to sign a confidentiality agreement if he had openly admitted to her what his feelings of Kurt's "suicide" were? What happened to Cali, and why was he always around - in Rome, at the house, whenever there was a problem? Why wasn't he ever really interviewed/questioned? Who else did the confidentiality agreement effect besides Rosemary Carroll? i.e. other friends/associates of Kurt and Courtney who can not speak about this, even if they wanted to? GRANT QUESTIONS If Kurt was in fear for his life, as Grant claims, why would he go home after fleeing rehab? Wouldn't he hide somewhere less obvious? Seeing as Tom Grant is a private investigator. Why didn't he search the entire place, instead of just sitting in the car waiting for Dylan the first time, and only looking inside the house the second time, which was just a short time after the first time early Thursday morning of April 7th? You'd think him being hired to specifically search for a suicidal person, he'd have a look around everywhere on the property, not just the house, especially when the greenhouse isn't that inconspicuous. Anyone could see the window right above the garage. He used the excuse "it was dark and raining", why didn't he go back there at first light to have a thorough look at the entire property? Why don't any of Kurt's close friends publicly support Tom Grant or the murder theory? If Tom Grant has some more information on the murder theory then why won't he release it to the public? He says he's saving it for when the case gets reopened and goes to court, but it's been eight years. this is off the tom grant web site thought it might help

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