• Frequent diaper changes are important to keep the skin dry and healthy. Application of powders and ointments is not necessary when there is no rash. Finding the best combination of cleansing and diapering products for the individual baby will also help to prevent diaper rash.Source: The Gale Group. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed.
  • I know it is contrary to sustainability but cloth diapers are terrible in this regard. For our first child we wanted to be environment friendly, used cloth diapers and got a diaper service, and that baby had terrible diaper rash. For the second baby we sort of gave up and went for disposable diapers and there was almost no diaper rash. They just do far better job of keeping moisture away from the babies
  • Let the little scooters run around naked as they are meant to be. Other than that keep them clean.

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