• If you can get someone to co-sign for you, then yes. You may be able to get by without a co-signer if you find the right place and show up with a sufficient amount of rent in advance. You will have to provide proof that whatever led to the bad credit and eviction has been dealt with and is in the past.
  • In my experience I avoid any co-signer situation unless it is followed up with a few months rent in advance. From a landlords perspective you have already shown that you are a credit risk and getting a credit check on the co-signer is no guarantee that he/they will pay when the demand is made. Now the landlord has to serve and file suit against 2 people, you and the co-signer and after he wins, there is still the problem of collecting the judgment.
  • It depends on the landlord. If the co-signer has very good credit, and will guarantee that the rent will be paid, there is a better chance they will agree. I suggest you also offer at least two or three months rent in advance, and pay your rent every month on time.

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