• "Nuclear weapons vaporize and incinerate human beings." - "a nuclear weapon is the only device capable of generating sufficient heat and pressure to completely vaporize human bodies" -
  • A high yield nuclear explosion can vaporise any organic matter - the mere light of the explosion is enough to set fire to entire houses and contents instantly - not the fireball itself... The power of a nuclear explosion is hard to comprehend sometimes, but yes, they can VERY easily completely vaporise a human, even at a large distance (depending on the yield, anything near the initial explosion would be instantly vaporised without a doubt, things further out could just be set on fire, etc)
  • yes its true,the temperture of a nuclear blast can be 10 million to over 100 million degress,but it not the only thing that can vaporize a human,a asteroid impact can to.
  • Indeed it can. The conditions at the centre of a nuclear bomb are as hot if not hotter than that at the centre of the sun. This temperature alone would effectively break your body apart as your component parts go from solid to liquid to gas in short order.

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