• IF that turdhead ever existed he WAS a pedo, even though they didn't have age requirements for that back then I don't think. Don't know about across the pond, but here I can say it loud and proud! DEATH TO ISLAM!!!
  • In general, you can't slander a dead man, though it might be possible for an estate to sue in Texas.
    • Linda Joy
      Is it slander if its true?
    • mushroom
      Whether or not it's true, Michael Jackson's estate will have to do some heavy lifting in court over the recent film.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Linda, This doesn't answer the original question, just your comment here. How can the truth of the allegation be proven (in Europe, the US, or anywhere) when there are no living witnesses to testify.
  • not sure
  • No. Who told you Europe has "Free Speech?" It totally doesn't. In Germany, it is a criminal offense to deny the holocaust, or to draw a swastika, or to even insult someone. In Poland, it is illegal to draw a rainbow halo over a head in a portrait. In Denmark, even though the national constitution declared protection of freedom of speech and expression, there are still laws unchallenged on the books making it a criminal offense to insult a person based on their ethnic makeup or national origin. And, in fact, in Greece, it is a criminal act to insult a religious figure, such as Muhammad, so, definitely, your example could result in criminal charges in parts of Europe. In Turkey, which is partially in Europe, your example would carry a minimum 3 year sentence.
  • I wonder if all the European nations have 1 law concerning free speech or if the various nations have various laws. I don't think that accusation carries any weight other than to upset Muslims, since there were no such laws in effect in the 5th century when he was around.Trying to overlay modern law or morality over the ancient societies doesn't do justice to either of them. IMHO
  • Where abouts in Europe 20 years ago in the UK I was free to say what of thought of muhammad taking the young girl into the tent if anyone can't see thats a peadophile there is something wrong maybe why they imported so many peadophiles to the UK. tHEY ARE NOW RUNNING RAMPANT.
  • It's surprising to many Americans, but most nations do NOT legally protect freedom of speech. The U.S. is one of relatively few nations to do so. *** On the other hand, many nations DO legally protect freedom of press. *** In most nations, only very particular types of speech and/or expression are protected by law. Very different from the U.S. "blanket protection" of free speech (and: speech in particular). *** But of course even in the U.S. there are several exceptions. It's just the case that most nations do not legally protect all of the types of speech that are legally protected in the U.S. That is: the U.S. has relatively few exceptions.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      The list of nations with constitutionally protected unabridged freedom of speech is pretty short, and very ironic: China, Cuba, Ecuador, France, North Korea, Peru, Taiwan, and the USA. Many countries have constitutional provisions of the form of guaranteeing freedom of speech EXCEPT..., which honestly is a totally different sort of guarantee. Norway also has a freedom of expression clause that is hotly debated by their legal scholars, since it is a little vague, but it's generally interpreted as unabridged freedom of speech. Obviously, most of the eight countries I listed have de facto limitations in spite of the unabridged constitutional guarantee. I mean, good luck speaking about about the government in North Korea - I suppose you could get a really good attorney to point out the constitutional guarantee to the courts, but they likely wouldn't take the case seeing as how their client would have already been executed and they'd also likely be executed and the court would be executed for hearing the case, along with anyone related to any of the parties involved, their landlords, the grocer who sold them a bag of rice back in 1994, their neighbours, and basically anyone else who might be less convenient to allow to live.

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