• Hatching an evil plan??? Dude! This idea is over a hundred years old! Its been inplemented during a war and it was pretty much decided it wasn't a good idea to resort to atomic power for widespread destruction! Its enough to just have the capability to use as a threat to deter idiotic behavior. Besides, they don't want to kill everyone. They kinda need a large tax base. Its no fun being the boss if you have no money. They also need laborers to rebuild after a destructive war. Its much more cost effective to do recon with a drone and send in a laser enabled roach robot to take out the people who are causing the problem risking no unintended casualties and leave everyone else out of it (including the press if they can get away with it). In my opinion it has been stopped long ago. You can't just make stuff up and expect everyone to swallow your fiction. Learn a little history, do some research. You have good ideas.
  • Which "human being" are you talking about? It'd be highly inefficient to use a nuclear weapon to incinerate only one person. If you are asking about stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons in general, I don't think there is a surefire long term plan. Even if a group of magical ninja assassins murdered ever questionable dictator in the world who wanted nuclear weapons, more would rise to power. Even if you could take all of the weapons-grade uranium and plutonium, and launch it into outer space, people will just make more. Even if you could perform a sci-fi style mind wipe on every human on the planet and remove any memory of nuclear weapons' existence, someone will just conceive the idea all over again. And even if the human race nearly wipes itself out with these weapons, and only a few North Sentinalese tribespeople survive, eventually, some of those people will set out in the world, build up technology over hundreds of generations, and develop nuclear arms of their own.
  • thats up to god to stop it
  • Someone give this guy a history book and show him the chapter where it talks about the end of WW2.
  • It won't happen. Why? Fukushima proves that most people are already somewhat immune to radiation. How do I know? They said the radioactive cloud released from Fukushima engulfed the entire Earth with a radioactive matrix that was over 2,000 times the radiation level of the most radioactive area of Chernobyl. That should have killed everyone on the planet 1,000,000 times over. And guess what? We're still here and cancer rates haven't even gone up. In other words, everyone of us mutated and became about 1,000 times more resistant to radiation overnight. But sadly, if you look at Google Earth and compare our world now to what it used to look like, everything is slowly turning brown. The Earth doesn't look so green and beautiful like it used to be, but Gaia will have her revenge. You better believe that!

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