• Why would anyone do that when we can take out insurgents and leave the buildings in tact? Rebuilding after war is expensive, and I don't know why we feel the need to do it. But as long as we do, why destroy buildings we don't have to? Wasn't that why biological weapons were invented? And why worry about smuggling in a ship the size of an aircraft carrier when we can fly planes off them with enough bombs to destroy an entire continent at much less risk of loss? Why destroy a ship in the process? Sorry pal, but this plan is not well thought out. Besides the fact that most militaries are not interested in blowing up an entire country. What would be the point? And if you're talking about detonating a bomb in a ship in port you're not making effective use of the bomb it should be centrally located not on the periphery and if you'll read your history we've already done the nuke under water thing and it didn't turn out so well... if you recall... about 70 years ago... bikini lagoon... Ring any bells?
  • Ummmmmm. Yeah. It doesn't work that way.

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