• Talk to the parents about it.
  • The boss should be told and a recommendation of removal of this child under a discrimination nature. I know it sounds harsh but the parents of this child should be aware it is not acceptable to bring this type of behavior into a place that has others who could be subjected to this hatefulness.
  • I'd first ask the kid why he/she said that or thinks black is evil. Maybe he/she has made a simplistic connection between different conversations at home. Maybe someone said they wanted something black (like a costume) and the other parent said that black makes them look evil... and the kid thinks of the times that brown colored people are referred to as black and makes a simple (albeit naive) connection of black and evil. Kids that young quite often don't have the evil hating spite that many adults have, though if the parent is bad enough it can shine through early. Once the kid tells you why, then you can explain about skin color doesn't determine whether a person is good or bad and see the kids reaction. Then perhaps call the parent and maybe the parent will have an idea and feel embarassed and have a chat at home. I don't think it's grounds for flying off the handle and recommending they get kicked out of the daycare. Children that young can still be molded, and maybe having them at the daycare center being reinforced by the employees about the acceptance of other races will counteract any poison (if any) that may be coming from the home.
  • Set the kid straight and let him/her know that this is incorrect..
  • "Sweetheart, whoever told you that made a mistake, because it's not true. Your crayons are all different colors, and they're all good. It isn't nice to call people names just because they're different from you." I'm a longtime camp counselor... that's what I'd say. Yes, even to a 4-year-old. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.
  • Maybe it was meant in a Halloween sense and had nothing derogatory in regards to skin color. Kids can say the damnedest things.
  • It's never too soon to speak about differences, so explain him as bearing a different skin-colour is not something bad, and she's a little girl as he's a little boy. Then, call his parents and her parents as soon as you can.
  • kids won t say these types of things on their own, ity had to come from an adult or a parent. I would start with the parents perhaps have a meeting
  • It is something I feel I would have to discuss with colleagues and ultimately the offending childs parents.
  • The parents have to be told that they are hurting that child by raising her to be racist and it is not allowed in your workplace.
  • Point out to this child that being black has nothing to do with evil. Let him/her know that black people are no different inside than her and then point out that thousands of American black men and women across our country are soldiers that defend her life everyday from the real evils of the world out there. Evils that would take their mom and dad away from them or them from their mom and dad. Tell him/her that this little black girl might be a soldier someday defending his/her family !
  • That's a tough one. It depends on the age. If she is 5 she doesn't understand what she is saying. If she is 12 or 13, sh probably does. All racism is learned, so where did she learn it from? It might help to find the source. Personally I would go for ridicule. If she says that, laugh at her like she's stupid. Show her a red apple and a green apple. Ask her which one is 'evil' Show her a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt. Ask her which one is evil. Hopefully she'll be too embarassed to think such stupid thoughts in the future.
  • I'd probably talk to the parents and let them know that they might want to be careful about what they say around their kids and that they might want to talk to their kids about what they repeat!
  • ask the kid why they thought what they thought.
  • thats a loaded question! there r so many ways in which 2 answer this. how old r the children?
  • Speak to the parents of BOTH children about the issue, and have the offending child apologize to the child and the offended child's parents, while explaining WHY it was wrong to call someone evil.
  • Make the parents take a sensitivity training class and have them work in the black community for a year. They have created a bigot..they must be so proud! :(
  • First talk to the parents than the kid very patiently,with all your best.It is your obligation to object to the statement even if it is a child.I don't know the age but she might be too young to know what's talking about.What you say to the parents is your choice but don't step up as soome one that's taking size.Speak your heart on the matter.Important.

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