• yeah, she is. disney didn't say no to her.
  • The pics weren't that bad and it wasn't like she was doing hardcore.
  • Tell me, what did she do that was so bad? If I had a young tight body like this, I would show it off too.
  • Well, as far as I know, I think Disney is letting her do it, but I think it's a bit overrated. The pictures were supposed to be "secret" but because of her popularity, it leaked out. Seriously, if you were to take pictures of yourself like that, I don't really think the whole world would care to know.
  • My oldest daughter is 10 years old and she is a HUGE HSM fan. I didn't know about the pic until she came home from school and her friends had told her. Although she didn't see the pic she is very upset that one of her idol's would do that. At this point she says she hates Vanessa and she would like to see another person take over the roll. I have serious conversations with her and she understands basic elements of sex and sexual behavior. If my 10 year old thinks she's bad and doesn't want to see her in another movie then I support her and think that Disney should replace her.
  • YESS! please don't make her not be on the movie. she was the one who like MADE the movie. you can't take her out!
  • vanessa looks hot in the completely naked pic
  • she is because she wasnt the one who put the pic on the internet so they cant realy deny her

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