• family background.
  • how they treated teir other girlfriends and how they treat their ex's because one day you'll prob. be their ex and thats how they would treat you also.
  • First off let me say I don't insist on anything. There are qualities I do look for in someone I wish to pursue a relationship with. However there can be adjustments made to that list if I really feel a connection with someone. The qualities I look for are sense of humor, treats others in a manner she would want to be treated in return, has a kind caring loving heart, doesn't judge potential partners based on physical beauty only has a strong relationship with her family. Is very spiritual. I can go on all day but I will stop there. There are some qualities that I won't compromise on like the not judging potential partners on physical beauty only. That's only because in my heart I know I am not the worlds idea of cute sexy attractive hunky etc. So why would I want to set myself up for heartbreak by pursuing a female who puts a high value on physical beauty in a man.
  • No severe mental disorders please. Been there done that!
  • 1.) Mental health. Been there, done that...not EVER going there again. 2.) Respect for others, especially me. 3.) Ability to resolve conflict without becoming abusive. 4.) Consideration for my feelings and views. 5.) A partnership of equals. 6.) A great personality with a good sense of humor. 7.) Intelligence. 8.) Ability to hold a job. 9.) Honesty. 10.) Fidelity. These I do insist on. If he doesn't have these, he's back on the curb faster than I found him. Everything else is a matter of individuality.
  • A bit of Understanding , sense of humor would be enough for me ! I could fill in the rest of it !
  • must have a pulse must have an IQ over 35 must be female must have most of her teeth. must be able to form complete sentence (not mandatory but a plus) must have some hair.
  • A gentle nature. Hard to find perhaps.
  • I don't insist, I look for. Im not here to change people, I take them as they come, if their ideal then i'll give it a try, if not then I won't hang around. I look for what they do for fun, what their goals are, do they plain on going to college or finish college, start a life other than work to make ends meet. and of course there are alway exceptions to that rule.....after all life is unpredictable! oh, don't you just love it? admit it you do. Ok, maybe i could insist on one illegal drugs or abuse....that would be something i would insist on.
  • Ummm, let's see. Fidelity and honesty.
  • Very good hygene and a non-smoker.
  • A pulse!
  • honesty and respect
  • Having the same core ethics like I do. Everything in the world can be the opposite of me but not on what I think is right and wrong
  • i would only date someone that is an active growing christian, a virgin at the very least but i really hold to someone that has never gone farther than a simple peck on the lips, and that treats his mother (and sisters if he has them) well. i no, i no, my standards are too high and i will never find anybody... lol. i hear it all the time. :))
  • must have a sense of humor, it sounds so cliche, but it's a definite requirement for me.
  • Intelligence and social skills. Loyalty too. But that comes with social skills anyways.
  • loyaly is big with me. I am a loyal person and appreciate that in others.
  • No smokin or other drug use....minimal drinking. i like people who are in control of themselves. I insist on attention...i was raised with lots and lots of attention, so I want it. I insist that the person can accept all the attention i give. Similar values.
  • I dont insist on anything but what I do like is modesty, sense of humor, charm, loyalty, honesty, some sensitivity, understanding..etc.
  • intelligence. Being able to think outside the box. This is not a requirement, but i do hugely love it in people :)
  • Available, same sexual orientation (i.e. gay, straight, accordingly), not on parole (or in prison) , not an addict of any kind, self-sufficient. Supplemental list: looks good, smells good, not a slob, thinks I'm god's gift and is handy. No wonder I'm alone.
  • they must be true to themselves and be themselves and be up front
  • To not have a bad temper!!!

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