• I met Meredith Baxter a couple of times. She has a line of beauty products and she had a booth at the International Women's Show in Novi, MI a couple of years that I was there. She talked me into buying some slippers for my mom and mil for Mother's day.
  • I've met a few. We used to play a club with the band the Arcade Fire, before they got big. (Well, bigger than they were back then.) Slash peed on my shoes backstage at a concert. He apologized and bought me a drink. Quite nice of him, though I'd have taken a new pair of shoes. Tori Amos gave me a hug for trying to keep her from getting run over by some overeager fans.
  • Johnny Cash June Carter
  • I met the band Simple Plan and they were pretty nice to me. I took a picture with Lars Frederiksen from Rancid and I told him I smelled bad because I had been in the hot hot sun all day, and he laughed at me and bragged about just getting out of the shower. I also met Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz laughed at me because of something stupid that I thought of out loud.
  • I met and spoke with Robert Redford and then got his autograph. I also was able to speak with and get autographs from Larry Hagman, George Peppard, and Lee Marvin.
  • I have met President Jimmy Carter on a plane; Senator Evan Bayh (when he was Governor of Indiana); Former President of Venezuela Carlos Andres Perez; The Ambassador of the US to Honduras; (I guess Politicians weren't on the list.) R.E.M.,The Minute Men, Hank Aaron, Mark Spitz, Rick Smits (Former Indiana Pacer), Garnet Exelby (Atlanta Thrashers defense man), Alton Brown, Max Weinberg (the drummer for Bruce Springstein), John Casella (former muscian for John Mellencamp); lots of comedians; I saw Dustin Hoffman in Paris, but did not meet him.
  • Many. Unavoidable given where I live. Even though I'm not remotely related to those industries someone I know, neighbors, work friends always know/work with or for folks. They are at parties, picking up dry cleaning, at the kid's soccer game, etc.
  • I met Ned Betty once when Homicide was being filmed here.
  • Not a movie star, but I met Chad Allen, Nicole Tom, and Heather Tom.
  • I met Matthew McConaughey in a bookstore.
  • Actually Jon Voight and Geena Davis both approached me. I was doing my laundry at a laundromat sometime in the 1970's and I felt somebody touch my shoulder and then grasp my hand to shake it. I turned around and it was Jon Voight, who I think was campaigning for our late mayor, Tom Bradley. I was at a Whole Foods market earlier this decade and I saw this guy with an interesting hat. I complimented him on it and then Geena Davis butted in. ;) She said that she liked it too. It turned out that he was her SO. ;)
  • The cast of Law and Order and Sly Stallone in a hotel in London.
  • Tom Cruise at a hotel in our little town. Robert Redford at the SLC airport. Christian Slater at an orchard.
  • I'm a former sportswriter, so I met, interviewed, and/or had my picture taken with a number of major league players and former players, including Roger McDowell, Vida Blue, Billy Sample (who became a personal friend), Jim Rooker, Jay Johnstone, Brett Butler, Harmon Killebrew, Terry Mulholland, Ray Knight, Davey Johnson, Richie Ashburn, and Doug Brocail...I also met Corbin Bernsen and Shawn Wayans at an Angels' celebrity oldtimers day in Anaheim...
  • Yes, and ended up making out with one, twice!
  • Cliff Richards at the airport in Sydney, Sting in a London hotel,Colin Farrell in Dublin, Will Ferrell also in Dublin and Johnny Rotten(John Lydon) in Manchester.

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