• I would say it's a toss up between Paula Deen and Ina Garten. I've tried several of their recipes. They were excellent. I've also tried some of Alton Brown's recipes. For the most part they were good also.
  • I'd go with Giada DiLaurentiis' Everyday Italian or Ina Garten's The Barefoot Contessa. Giada is a world-class chef, but she makes food that's delicious, and quick. She presents things well. I have all 3 of her cookbooks. Ina is not a chef, but she is a great cook with lots of catering experience. She has a very relaxed manner about her, and her recipes are terrific. I have 2 of her cookbooks. I also like Ellie Kreiger, Alton Brown, Paula Deen and Nigella Lawson. Michael Chiarello is OK, too. Mario Batalli has some decent stuff. Many of Emeril's recipes are too complicated or "out there." I don't care for most of Bobby Flay's "fusion" stuff. Don't get me started on the drunken overgrown sorority girl that is Sandra Lee. PUKE! Robin Miller does a whole lot of crap, too. Rachel Ray's recipes are OK. I have 2 of her cookbooks. If you watch her, though, do it on MUTE. If you can get Discovery Channel and/or PBS, look for Sara Moulton or Anthony Bourdain. ~~~~~ By the way, I'm a moderator on a cooking site. We talk about all the TV chefs as well as do cookalongs, contests, Q&A, sharing tips about equipment, tools, techniques, and share recipes. If you're interested in finding out more about it, please email me.
  • biased opinion because i am in love with her. rachel ray is both entertaining and her recipes are simple and delicious. not to mention i dont mind watching her on my tv or looking at the pictures of her in the cookbooks of hers that i have. shes the reason i began cooking a few years back... i would watch the show (because she is beautiful) and then eventually i would try the recipes ad now i own like 4 of her books and cook for my family several times a week. moral of the story: my deep infatuation with television cooking host rachel ray has made me a more desirable mate for my current/future female companions.
  • I really like to grill and like spicy food, so I'd have to go with any of Bobby Flay's shows. He's a litttle arrogant, but I like his recipes.
  • My vote goes to Alton Brown. He explains things in terms that make sense to me. Ina Garten is great too.
  • I love Alton Brown!
  • on Aussie T.V. its the 'iron chief's" and 'the cook and the chief'
  • I really like Lidia's Italy.
  • I like Alton Brown also..He starts with the "heart" of the main ingredient, explains it and takes you through preparation stages and then also gives you variations on the dish...Their not super fancy dishes but great everyday "Good Eats"...
  • Ingrid Hoffman.
  • Rachael Ray makes great burgers.
  • America's Test Kitchen - put on by Cooks Illustrated.
  • Paula Deen. It may be very unhealthy but some of her recipes make my mouth water.
  • Nigella Lawson. The only problem is that my fantasies won't let me concentrate on what she's saying and doing.
  • Alton Brown - Good Eats; Giada De Laurentis - Every Day Italian; I have made some of Tyler Florence's dishes and they were great, particular Tyler's Ultimate Cheesecake. Her show isn't on anymore, but she does spots on the Today Show and her cookbooks are great, and that's Kathleen Daelemans who had the show Cooking Thin.
  • I love Rachel Ray. They're always quick and easy, and they taste great. I especially love when she makes the Italian stuff, and when she's cooking with mushrooms. MMmmmm.
  • I really like NIgella Lawson..and Christine Cushing(she is an encyclopedia of knowledge).
  • I think Alton Brown is the best! I love how he breaks everything down.

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