• not sure
    • Wakko
      I think you're holding out on us. :P
    • Linda Joy
      LOL! I missed you, man!
    • Wakko
      aww, gimme kiss!
  • Why are bread jokes always funny? Because they never get mold! xD
    • Linda Joy
      {{{{GONG! }}}}
    • Wakko
      DAMMIT! *walks offstage with head hung low* xD
  • To kill any harmful bacteria in the milk...I only do it when I make natural yeast leavened bread.
    • Linda Joy
      I figured as much. Some of the recipes are from before the time when milk was pasteurized. Does natural yeast leavened bread mean you catch wild yeast?
    • Azlotto
      Yes...This is a good video on the subject:
  • Now I am thinkin of cornbread and milk. Or corn-pone and milk. 😍
  • These days, it is simply to warm the milk up so as not to chill the yeast. In the old days, it was to destroy any enzymes or bacteria that raw milk might contain.

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