• I have heard this as well..... I am going to look it up....
  • If a testicle, major artery/vein, etc is ruptured, it can be lethal in a male. (I've seen no references to it being lethal to a female.) Unless, of course, the force is sufficient to shatter the pelvis and cause injury to internal organs. This is just so highly unlikely that I wouldn't worry about it.
  • A direct and vertical upward kick could only kill if it were incredibly powerful, and lifted the target person well above the ground with a bone shattering kick ... the chance of that is near negligible. However, an angled kick to the inside of the groin, targetting close to the hip joint, can easily cause damage to the femoral artery, and death by hypovolimia (blood loss) will be just a few minutes. The classical "snap kick" to the man's testicles can only cause a temporary stunning effect. Of course a defender could use the moment of stun to launch a lethal counter attack and kill with some other move in a combination attack that STARTS with a groin kick. ... it is strongly suggested that groin kicks not even be tried by people being attacked for real, in a life or death situation ... a destructive defense that kicks to the ankle or knee and breaks a leg, will allow escape much better than a groin "snap" and also make it much easier for the police to catch the newly crippled offender.
  • no. Unless they kicked certain area in the groin to cause othe rhealth problems.
  • It can if it harms your pelvis. I think it's worse for women in that case.
  • It's true. If the little bastidge kicks me in the jewels, HE *is* going to die.
  • Hmmm...I'm sure that they will FEEL like they are going to die. Also (men please cross your legs) I've heard it is surprisingly simple to rupture a testicle...a self-defense technique is supposedly to grip a testicle between your thumb and finger and pull and twist as hard as possible...supossedly it takes very little force to do so, thus disabling your attacker. But I doubt in either case it would be fatal.
  • yes i'm sure is can cause death... both to male n female.... because of the force when the nerve's r being compressed to pelvic bone...
  • Don't kick a bull rider in the nuts. It won't stop him. Tough nuts. It could kill but not likely.
  • There is a big artery in your groin (as in the area between where your stomach ends and legs start) called the femoral artery. If struck with enough force, it could rupture and you could internally bleed to death. So it is possible but highly unlikely.
  • I've always preferred a good snap to the knee....drops em like a stone...shatters the knee and then I can run.

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